Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review: I Heart Chocolate Palettes ♥

Hey Guys! A lot of budget-proof brands create dupes of the Too Faced chocolate palettes, but if one brand totally succeeded it is I Heart Make-Up. I Heart Make-Up created six Too Faced inspired eyeshadow palettes with the looks of a chocolate bar, today I am going to review two of them.

I bought the Pink Fizz and the Salted Caramel palette for only about 9 euros each.

The salted caramel is a beautiful mixture of matte nude shades, sparkly golden shades and some blue for a pop of colour.

For this look I used two golden shades on my lid, the shimmery highlighter on my brow bone and in my inner corner and some of the darker blue colour on my lower lash line.

The Pink Fizz palette contains a lot of pink and champagne shades with a lot of shimmers, but also some brown and blue shades.

I used the pale pink shade on my lid with some dark pink and brown in my crease. I also added some highlighter onto my brow bone and into my inner corner to finish everything off.

I would recommend these palettes to anyone, because the quality is really good and you don't pay a lot for them, they have a variety of colours and smell like chocolate.

I hope you liked to see a new review and of course to see you back tomorrow!


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