Thursday, 21 April 2016

Review: Catrice Denim Divine Eyeshadow Palette ♥

Hey Everyone! I found a new limited edition collection by Catrice when I went to the drugstore last week and saw this beautiful palette. It has a gorgeous rose gold packaging and I also liked the eyeshadow shades, I decided to upgrade my collection and try it out. Today I am going to review it.

This eyeshadow palette from Catrice's Denim Divine collection has a highlighter, a pale shade, an apricot shade, some brown/taupe shades and also a really dark blue one. 
It would've been nice if one of the brown shades was matte, but they are all very pigmented and for the small price I can't really complain.

I used the first shade to highlight my brow bone and my inner corner and then I applied the pink shade on my lid. I used the fourth colour in my crease and my outer corner and I finished everything off with the darkest colour under my bottom lash line.

You can create beautiful looks with this palette, it is good to make a nude look with, but you can also go for a bright or darker look. I only paid around 6 euros for it and for me it is totally worth the price!

I hope that you liked this review and of course to see you back tomorrow!


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