Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review: Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter ♥

Hi Everyone! Today I'm going to review another Benefit sample I got in my 12 Days of Christmas calendar. I have been using this in tutorials and make-up looks, so I decided to review it for you.
Let's turn our watt's up and pop into this review :)

Because I've got the sample size I only have the highlighter stick, but if you buy the full size you'll get a little sponge on the other side to blend everything in. I think the packaging is cute and I prefer using highlighter sticks over powder. Although this is a sample you do get a lot of product!

The highlighter is in a champagne color, which makes it perfect for warmer and cooler skin.
It is really pigmented and has some glitters in it, but you will just get a nice glow, without any big chunks of glitter.

The highlighter is really pigmented, but because of the champagne colour it does look quite natural.
It is hard to show products like highlighter or blush on camera, but I tried.

I love this highlighter, if I run out of the sample I'll probably get a full-sized one !
I hope this review was helpful for you and to see you back tomorrow <3


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