Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review: Lush Valentine's Day Collection ♥

Hi Guys! In this new review I'm going to show you two different Lush products that I've got from the Valentine's Collection. Enjoy reading :)

The first thing I've got is the Prince Charming shower cream, last year they had this in a shower gel.
This shower cream cleans your body and moisturizes at the same time, it smells a bit sweet, but the pomegranate keeps it fresh and fruity. I've got the medium size (250g) for about €15.

I also bought the unicorn horn bubblebar, I had this last year and made this demo for it.
It smells really calming, it has a bit of lavender in it and I believe it also has patchouli in it.
I love this and I think it looks super cute as well, bubble bars are great because you can use them a few times. I got this one for €5,95.

I hope you liked this review and to see you back tomorrow! 


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