Monday, 1 February 2016

Preview: Essence Wake Up Spring! ♥

Hey Guys! Yesterday you could read about the Essence Winter? Wonderful! collection, but they are of course also bringing out a Spring collection. In this post I'm going to share some pictures and information about the Wake Up Spring! collection. Enjoy reading :)

I'm going to start off with the eyeshadow palette called '01 Spring it up!'. 
This eyeshadow palette has some shimmery pink colours, a white highlighter and a chocolate brown in it. I would prefer the palette if it had a matte shade in it too and I think that the sponge applicator is useless, because it really doesn't work. I do think that it is a great palette for only €3,59, if you're looking for a pink-ish natural eyeshadow palette.

The matt nude highlighter in a jumbo wooden pencil shape has a soft texture that blends easily. It can be applied on the inner corners of the eye, below the brow or as an inner-rim eye pencil and makes the eyes look bigger. Available in 01 my sweet spring melody for €2,89.

The last eye products for this collection are the eyeliner pens. I'm really excited for these to come out, because you can't get these bright colours everywhere. I like Essence eyeliners, so I'm sure that I'm going to try these for only €1,99. They're available in three colours: 01 happy first day of spring, 02 let's the spring begin and 03 spring a-ling a-ling.

The blush in fresh apricot and floral pink gives your face a fresh glow and healthy touch of colour  The blush can be folded up to reveal an integrated mirror so that you can touch up your make-up when you’re on the go. Available in 01 hello sunshine! and 02 bye-bye winter! for €3,39.

I'm not always too keen on cheap brushes, but this one looks good. I actually wouldn't recommend this for blush, I think this shape of brushes scream contouring and highlighting. The text looks cute, but I'm not sure if it will make it easier to use. The brush is easy to take with you, because it is flat and small, you can get it for €2,99.

The sheer lipbalm unites pampering care with a touch of colour to ensure supple lips and provide a shiny finish in light pink.  It is available in 01 my sweet spring melody and costs €2,39.

The lipstick in red and fuchsia offers trendy colour results. The creamy texture gives your lips a shiny finish. It is available in 01 hello sunshine! and 02 bye-bye Winter! for €2,39.

These nail polish sets are ideal for conjuring-up exciting multi-colour effects like gradients on the nails. Each set contains a highcoverage polish as a base and two jelly shades, which can be used to create cool ombré styles with the jumbo nail designer. Available in 01 spring it up! and 02 spring a-ling a-ling for only €3,99 a set.

This duo nail tool helps to create the most extraordinary nail art. Dots, lines, gorgeous colour gradients and unique airbrush designs are easy to achieve with the small and large dotters. Available in 01 hello sunshine! for €2,59.

This top coat contains various sizes of pastel flakes and flower elements to give every manicure an extra-special, floral touch. It is available in the colour 01 call it spring! for €1,99.

The last nail product for this collection is this sheet with nail stickers. You can buy them for €1,39.

I didn't get much information about these little accessories, but I do know that the hair slides will cost €1,59.

I hope you liked to see these new Essence products! They will be available around April until May.
See you tomorrow <3


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