Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Claire's Jewellery Haul ♥

Hi Guys! I couldn't get this post uploaded yesterday, so I am showing you it now. A little while ago I picked up some new jewellery pieces at Claire's, which I am going to talk about today. Enjoy :)

I first got this little silver bracelet with an arrow and a crystal, which I thought looked really cute and minimalistic. I paid about 6 euros for it.

I also got two sets of earrings, one pair of 'open' rings and one pair of 'closed' rings.
I think that they bought look a bit boho and I really enjoy wearing them.
Both of the sets cost me about 8 euros.

The last pair of earrings I got, were some bigger ones. I don't wear a lot of big earrings usually, but I loved these dreamcatcher ones.

I hope that you liked this little jewellery haul and to see you back tomorrow!


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