Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette ♥

Hi Guys! Yesterday I wanted to make this post, but none of my photos wanted to upload, so I couldn't. Today I finally had time to upload all of the photos (it cost me about an hour) and it is time for a new review. I am going to give you my feedback about the new Gwen Stefani Blush palette by Urban Decay. Enjoy reading :)

I love the packaging, it matches the eyeshadow palette!

The palette has two blushes, two highlighters, a bronzer and a blush/highlighter.

The highlighters look better in real life, because they're actually really pigmented which you can't see on the picture.

On this picture I'm wearing Easy on the apples of my cheeks, Angel on the highest point of my cheekbones and a bit of Lo-Fi to warm up my face. I love the blush and highlighter, but I'm not sure about Lo-Fi. Lo-Fi works fine for warming and bronzing up your face, but I can't contour with it.

Over all I love the palette, it looks great, has good quality blushes/highlighters and is definitely worth it's money. I bought mine for €45,00 at Ici Paris XL, which is a lot of money, but I'd recommend it, because it is absolutely gorgeous! See you back tomorrow :)


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