Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review: MAC Satin Lipstick 'Twig'

Hey Guys! I love MAC lipsticks and I've got a long list of colours I want to try out, luckily I received one on my birthday. Today I am going to show you the MAC Satin Lipstick in 'Twig'.

The popular MAC bulled shaped packaging always looks really good in my opinion, it makes it look very luxurious, which it is. There are also tiny sparkles on the packaging if you look closely enough!

The shade 'Twig' is a dark pink shade, which still looks quite natural. It is definitely not a nude, but it isn't too much of a bright shade. It is the perfect shade if you want to create a natural look with a hint of colour.

The MAC lipsticks always swatch very well!

The satin finish is quite matte usually, but I put some lip balm on before I applied the lipstick, because my lips were a bit dry. The lipstick stayed on for an entire school day!

I adore this lipstick and I would recommend it to everyone! MAC lipsticks are around €20, which is pricy, but the quality is amazing and they last you a really long time.

I hope to see you back tomorrow with a new post!


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