Friday, 13 January 2017

Review: I ♥ Make-Up Unicorns Heart

Good morning Everyone! Last year the rainbow highlighter was a huge hype, but it was really hard to get your hands on, it was only available on Etsy and it was always sold out. I Heart Make-Up, a brand that makes a lot of dupes, created this look-a-like, which I am going to review for you today!

The packaging is clearly inspired by the Too Faced Sweet Heart blushes, I find it really cute.

When you open the box, there is this highlighter in all these beautiful pastel rainbow shades.

Here I watched all the colours and a mixture of them, you can see that it's a blue/silver shade.
You could use them on their own or go over them with your brush and use a mixture like I did.

 This highlighter creates the perfect glow and is a musthave if you like cool-toned highlighters or if you're just obsessed with the rainbow colours.

Overall this highlighter is a gorgeous product for a small price, I paid about €5 for it. You can use it many different ways and create a lot of looks with it.

I hope to see you back tomorrow!


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