Saturday, 3 December 2016

3 Favourites | Blogmas

Good morning Everyone! For today's blogmas post, I am going to show you a few of my current favourites. Let's Begin!

1. Lush Products
As you could read yesterday, I love Lush products very much. I am always really excited when the Winter products are in store. I like taking baths, so when I do, I use a Lush product. To see which ones I've bought check out this post.

2. Yankee Candle
Last year I bought three small Yankee Candle votives to try out. One that definitely stood out to me was the Sugared Apple candle. The scent is fresh and Winter-ish, but also a bit sweet like apples.
Every year around Christmas time I buy a big Yankee Candle to burn in the evening and this year I chose this one.

3. Friends Headphones
When I am at school or on the train or something I like to listen to music on my earphones, because they are really small and easy to take with you, but when I am at home and want to watch Youtube videos or Netflix I prefer to use headphones. Last year I got these Friends headphones for my birthday, I think it is a cool design and I love the rose gold shade, the quality of the sound is also amazing.

I hope you liked this blogmas post and to see you back tomorrow with a new one!


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